Our Services

Option 1: Free Package with In App Purchases and ad revenue

This is a free mobile application with active target audience including people who are related or interested in international trade, logistics and commerce in general. Free Pack is a simulation based on fixed amount of options, fictitious contractors and pre-selected set of products/goods, so those who play to learn the terminology, terms of trade and gain basic knowledge of commercial venture' participation in the chain.

Option 2: Paid Active Simulation with In App Purchases

This is our paid mobile/desktop application (for both IOS or Android) and the list of possible users (target audience) may encompass the variety of logistics companies, international trade enterprises, students and students in institutions oriented to trade and logistics, B2B segment players, B2C services, customs brokers, logistics at manufacturing enterprises, freight forwarders, and others related to the international trade, logistics and commerce, collection of sellers / buyers based on online market.

We will use the following set of "points of contention" for our «CLS» Infrastructure:

  •  vendor's distribution warehouses
  •  customs
  •  marine ports 
  •  dry inter-modal container terminals
  •  airports
  •  careers' transport

This stage of the project implementation is more sophisticated and detail-oriented. 

Once more than 10,000 mobile apps are sold or downloaded, we'll begin the Stage 2:

Instead of all pre-selected contractors, real-time offers from all participating vendors/contractors are introduced. This stage is the next step towards wide commercialization of our idea as all offers from verified vendors/contractors will be placed on a paid basis. They all will have a unique opportunity to sell their services to CLS and compete for users' attention. Users will be given the opportunity to sign real-time contracts with vendors to execute their orders.