New Product Launch for Immediate Release

Exploding on the construction logistics industry, MoveIT is Here! Saim Sirda CLS Technology’s CEO has released our newest flagship APP MoveIT.

U.S. Senate Approves New NAFTA

After passing the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives last month, the so-called implementation bill -- the nuts and bolts of precisely how the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement will be executed, followed and enforced -- cruised through the Senate by a margin of 89-10.

AI Unlikely to Replace Canadian Jobs, but Change is Needed

Top federal government officials believe there is no imminent threat that artificial intelligence and robots will displace large segments of the Canadian workforce, newly released documents show.

Corporate Opportunities in AI

Unlike programming computers with a detailed set of instructions, much of today’s artificial intelligence (AI) uses “machine learning” techniques to enable the software to “learn” from the data fed into it.

Alberta Company Buys Ontario Modular Construction Firm

Modular units are constructed in the Grimsby plant in preparation for onsite installation with applications in the educational, retail, commercial, health care, industrial and institutional construction markets, the statement said.

Construction Industry Evolves by Bringing Work Off-site

As labour shortages and accelerated construction timelines force builders to modernize their strategies, the off-site facility is one part of the industry’s evolution.

Waterloo Startup Disrupts the Trucking Industry

The Waterloo startup BigRoad developed the software and hardware for electronic logs that automatically track a driver's hours behind the wheel.

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