About Us

Who We Are?

MoveIT Logistics Solutions is a full-scale, real-time Innovative Digital Platform. We specialize in Real-Time logistical solutions for International Trade with pro-active online systems (IOS or Android) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based mobile apps. 

Who We Serve?


The short answer – any company that has a logistics department.  Location doesn’t matter. Most, if not all, companies are online and have a digital presence, making their potential client base worldwide - Every country is involved in international trade.  Our customers are small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as independent traders, customs personnel and anyone who is involved in the logistics aspects of national and international trade.


Product Application is wide open for the following categories of potential practical implementations: 

  • Import/Export operational simulation
  • Trade outcome prognostics
  • Occupational training for commercial personnel
  • Active training for Customs officers, etc.

Who we collaborate with?

We collaborate with vendors and contractors based on their high-quality of service standards as well as their ability to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. The list is extensive with potential vendors in the following categories:

  • carriers
  • marine container carriers
  • operators of railway transport
  • air carriers
  • operators of intermodal container terminals
  • freight forwarders
  • 3 PL operators
  • surveyor
  • customs brokers
  • insurance companies
  • financial institutions

While much of this information is currently available from open sources on the Internet with a reliable location and actual cost of services, with time and specifics of service delivery, it is extremely time consuming and potentially resource wasting for you to try and bring all these moving pieces together.  The contractors will be selected at our clients discretion and we will amalgamate all of this information into one logistics platform that will allow you and your company the ability to optimize your time and resources which in turn will help create a more successful and profitable outcome for your business.