MoveIt with CLS!


MoveIt with CLS Technologies

CLS Technologies is a Vancouver based Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mobile Platform development company. We are developing a scalable, Innovative Real-Time logistical solution to assist the International Trade industry overcome their largest challenges. Our main product line is called MoveIt.

Our Mission

To help our clients better manage the many moving parts of their businesses, saving them time, money and stress.  

Why Us?

We provide an easy to use, feature rich experience available as both iOS and Android Applications. 

User input data including their task management (type of product, quantity and size of goods, place of loading, desired delivery time, delivery place, all terms, tariffs and customs duties) and the system will "play it out". Our Artificial Intelligence system will run various scenarios based on available data simulating all services, infrastructure and available vendors-contractors. This will allow us the ability to develop a better logistics concept for our clients based of such key indicators as: 

  • Delivery cost
  • Delivery time
  • Risk of loss and damage to the goods
  • Insurance coverage
  • Tariffs and duty-free options
  • The pre-calculated outcome of the logistics process 

  MoveIT is an innovative solution which provides full-service, inter-modal solutions for our client’s logistics requirements that can be tailor made for both Canadian and International markets. 

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